Our aim is to conduct short and long term academic in sports coaching, sports science and other related fields.To raise the competence of the coaches through the organization of refresher courses.

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The Star Sports Academy’s is first of its kind professional sports & fitness development and training organization. We are looking to create awareness for sports and fitness as an important part of physical and moral education.

We provide total sports management services for schools and colleges to help them take their sports to the next level, and conduct Training Programs for all outdoor and indoor sports. Our coaches have trained more than 15000 students at grass root level over the last 10 years.


The Star Sports Academy is We have entered new avenues, such as conducting Corporate Sports Training Program, getting employees engaged in some type of physical activity onsite or offsite at the Delhi. The activities range from Aerobics, Yoga, Meditation,and Weight Gain programs and many more.

Our objective is to provide fitness and sport programs for all age groups. We focus on working with players to help them achieve their sports and fitness objectives through our Star Sports Academy. We provide intensive training through our academies and Fitness community centers.

The Star Sports Academy intends to setup base in metros and major cities by 2015, through establishing of relationship with dynamic schools, colleges and housing societies for providing mentally and physically challenging sports based training programs for overall growth and fitness.

The Star Sports Academy – For Healthy Minds, Fitter Bodies and a Career in Sport.

Welcome All Visitors.

One of the best sports academy in Rohini, Delhi is "Star Sports Academy". This academy is continuously working in the field of sports education and training for the years. Not only this but "Sports Academy" also arrange tournaments at national level in different places of India time to time.

Any one can take the training of following sports in Star Sports Academy:







Except this Yoga and fitness training is also provided to people who are interested in living a healthy life by maintaining there mind and body fit.

Following Are The Main Objective Of Fitness Training Promotion Association:

1.To make aware people about this defensive arts including villages in India too.

2.To train male and female students in defensive arts and make them strong.

3. Ujjain karate association also train ladies and make them strong to face the challenges of life.

4.To train the disabled children in defensive arts.

5.To ready students to give best for nation.

Following are the main Aim & Objectives of Star Sports Academy:

•To conduct short & long term academic courses in sports coaching, sports sciences and other related fields.

•To raise the competence of the coaches through the organization of refresher courses.

•To conduct the national coaching camps for elite sportspersons, for international competitions.

•To provide scientific back up to the elite sportspersons, for achievements of high level performance.

•To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, on sports-related subjects.

•To serve as a source of information and counseling, on sports infrastructure, through experts.

•To implement the sports promotion schemes of SAI.

•Organization of National level competitions of the sports promotion schemes of MYA&S.

•Identification of sports talent at national level competitions of sports promotion schemes of Govt. of India, for further grooming.