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Malgudi days

Malgudi days is a collection of 32 short funny and witty stories. Its author as I have mentioned in the title is R K Narayanan. The stories happen in Malgudi, an imaginary town located somewhere on the banks of Sarayu (a river in South India). Even though it is common to call Malgudi an imaginary town, you will not feel it is imaginary while reading the book. You can trace it to any village in south India. The stories carry the scent and sounds of these villages and you instantly blend into the situations in the stories. You will feel as though you are the character in the story yourself and that is the secret behind the success of this immensely popular book. comment on thisRather than revolving around a particular plot these stories wander off dreamily. Each of the stories describe the relationship between members in a family, the various social taboos prevalent in the mid ninteties. All the stories will seem faintly similar but they are vastly different from each other. The stories deal with the most ordinary men and women and that makes these stories extraordinary. Each story deals with simple people and simple issues they are faced with in real life. The stories instantly establish a connection between the reader and the characters. Some of the stories are humorous while other will shake your soul ... so wildly that you might cry. Anyway I can dare to say that once you read these stories the memories will last you for your lifetime. You will carry them to the grave!

Indian villages which are often depicted as poverty-ridden, infested with epidemics, occupied by good for nothing illiterate fellows have another side to them. They have a charm, a charm which I cannot explain. This charm is depicted and presented in each of the stories in this book. Each story is so full of humanity and will invoke that part of you which you have forgotten in this deplorable rat chase called life.

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