"At RISING STAR Play School we strive to bring truly International quality pre-school education with matching infrastructure and facilities".   

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Dear Parents!

It indeed gets very confusing when it comes to deciding what age one should send one's ward to a school. What could possibly be the right age for starting one's child's education? Before we decide about it, we should bear in mind that during the formative years of your child's life, brain is most active and maximum learning, (Learning which lasts a lifetime) is done during this period only. To make full use of this learning potential, it's important to start your child's education early and according to experts this right age is approx. 2 years (a month or two less or more) but formal schooling starts much later, that is why the concept of Pre-school education has been gaining ground.

How Pre-Schools Can Be of Help ?

Pre-schools can be of great help. In-fact pre-schools offer the best solution to this problem. Pre-school education helps your child grow into a more confident, better groomed personality. Pre-schools help in honing multiple skills like communication skills, etiquettes and manners, personal grooming, knowledge, creativity.
Leadership quality, drive etc. Various studies done by experts in the field of education have time and again proven that those kids who have pre-school background are always better placed to face the challenges of teenage and adulthood as compared to those who have never been to a pre-school.
A research done by Harvard business school proves that overall early learning experiences such as those in pre-school and kindergarten have a marked impact on overall life success. According to them pre-school experiences lay a cognitive and developmental foundation that results in improved developmental and academic outcome later on. They have further proven that participation in pre-school programs promotes parental involvement and greater contact between parents and teacher, increasing the effectiveness of a child's earliest learning experiences at home as well as pre-school.

How to choose the right Pre-school?

Before you decide upon the Pre-school, you want your child to be admitted to, carefully analyze the answers to the following  questions :- Is the place safe and hygienic? Do you like the ambience of the place? Is the furniture and equipment used safe for Kids? e.g. it doesn't have pointed edges and non-toxic materials have been used. Does it have ample open space as outdoor play area? Whether the outdoor activity is well supervised or not? What are the arrangements for first-aid? or Does the school have a doctor-on-call? Whether purified water is served to children or not? What kind of security arrangements are there in place? What kind of transportation facility is being provided? Is the place cozy and can give the right feel of a home away from home? What is the teacher - student ratio? Is individual attention being provided to every student? What kind of curriculum is in force and whether this curriculum age appropriate or not? What Kind of stress is given to the honing of multiple skills? Are the teachers well-trained in pre-school education? Whether the staff is well - mannered and responsive or not? Does the imparting of curriculum satiates the basic requirement of pre-education i.e. learning with fun? Are there regular feed-backs and assessments from the school regarding development of various skills in your child? What kinds of co-curricular activities like celebration, cultural activities etc. are conducted? What level of parent-teacher interaction is available? and last but not the least Does your child like the place? Compare your answers for RISING STAR play school with other schools, then make the right choice.